Paolo Arrigo- Italy from Seed to Plate

Fairlight Hall’s Talks and Workshops 2017 Season continues on Saturday 24th June with ‘Italy from Seed to Plate’. This entertaining talk by Paolo Arrigo of Franchi Seeds is for gardeners, foodies and Italophiles alike and covers the story of vegetables from Roman times to the present day followed by a delicious lunch of wood fired pizza made with seasonal organic vegetables from the Walled Garden. Paolo Arrigo is passionate about food. Born and brought up in London, he is still very much an Italian at heart and was taught from an early age how to pick mushrooms, grow and cook Read More

Gardening training placements available

If you are interested in re-training for a career in horticulture, there are currently training opportunities in the beautiful gardens at Fairlight Hall through the Work and Retrain As a Gardener Scheme (or WRAGS). Fairlight has supported this great scheme for several years and Head Gardener, Whitney Hedges is keen to help more trainees make their first step towards a career in horticulture. National charity, the WFGA, through WRAGS provides men and women of all ages with the opportunity to work for up to 15 hours per week for one year under the instruction of a head gardener or knowledgeable Read More

Tessa Boase- The Housekeeper’s Tale

The second talk in the 2017 Season takes place on May 19th. Author Tessa Boase has uncovered a series of extraordinary true stories about the housekeepers who ran some of Britain’s most prominent households. £20 with coffee and cake. tickets HERE Far from the cosy, complacent world of Mrs Hughes in Downton Abbey, real housekeepers worked surprisingly hard, often in humiliating circumstances, for very little financial reward. This was not, as it turns out, such a cushy job. Tessa’s talk will focus on two very different housekeepers: the ineffectual and elderly Mrs Wells of Uppark in Sussex (mother to H.G.Wells), and racy Scotswoman Read More