Girl on Fire

“Girl on Fire” is a Song Cycle on its way to becoming a theatrical work.

Emma Stace Darling performs her poems set to music by the American Composer Theodore Wiprud.

£10 to include wine and nibbles

Proceeds to the Hastings International Musical Festival

“Girl on Fire”

When American composer Theodore Wiprud first read Emma’s poetry it inspired him to set some of her work to music. But he needed a singer. Emma said she was a singer. She sang for him. Thus began their artistic collaboration. Previewed last May at the National Opera Centre in New York  “Girl on Fire”  – a song cycle on its way to becoming an evening length theatrical work –  looks at the life of a girl whose experience of life is so extreme, that throughout her harrowing physical and emotional journey to redemption, she feels as if she is literally on fire.

Emma Stace Darling

Emma’s background has been in performing all over the world. This has included extensive theatre acting, musical theatre, her own singer-songwriting, working as a classical/opera singer, television, voice over work, etc, but having felt stifled in any one genre she sees “Girl on Fire” as the first real representation of herself as an artist.

Theodore Wiprud is a composer who plays important roles as educator, concert presenter, and music executive. His compositions are known for the impact they make on performers and audiences, reflecting his interaction with both adult and young listeners as Vice President, Education at the New York Philharmonic.
Among recent works, Wiprud’s Violin Concerto (Katrina), composed for Ittai Shapira, has been released with the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic on Champs Hill Records, to acclaim. His one-act opera My Last Duchess, with libretto by Tom Dulack based on poetry by Robert Browning, premiered in April 2012. His 2014 work Mudang, combining Korean p’iri with string quartet, has been heard on three continents.
Many of Wiprud’s works explore spiritual experience, like his recent Sinfonietta, Hosannas of the Second Heaven and Grail; his two string quartets; and a number of choral pieces. Other works respond to American literature, including American Journal, based on Robert Hayden’s poem, and A Georgia Song, a setting of Maya Angelou.
Wiprud graduated cum laude in biochemistry at Harvard and earned a master’s in theory and composition at Boston University, where he worked with David Del Tredici. He also studied with Robin Holloway at Cambridge University, and with Jacob Druckman and Bernard Rands at Aspen.