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Gardener’s Blog- April 2016

During a particularly difficult time in my life that was full of uncertainty, I picked up a couple of seed packets from the local Woolworths. Why on earth I chose to do this at a time where I was renting a two up two down coalminers cottage in Yorkshire seems a bit odd in retrospect,… Read more »

Gardener’s Blog- March 2016

First do no harm….. I must admit that although I was initially daunted by the prospect of gardening completely organically, everything seems bound to consume the precious vegetables we grow before we do. It seems comparatively easy, if I see an infestation there is always a packet to buy, simply mix it up and hey… Read more »

Gardener’s Blog- January 2016

WATER As a native Californian I grew up with the threat of drought looming over us. I remember learning water-saving rhymes as a child, and dad putting bricks in the toilet cistern to save precious water. I also remember our dry, golden brown landscape constantly under threat from a thoughtless cigarette tossed out of a… Read more »

Gardener’s Blog- December 2015

Hello, my name is Whitney Hedges and I am the new Head gardener at Fairlight Hall. This first post is by way of an introduction to me, my approach to gardening, to life and all the rest! People have been making gardens since the time of the ancient Egyptians. From then, through the Roman Empire,… Read more »

Whitney Hedges, New Head Gardener for Fairlight Hall

We are very excited to announce the appointment of a new Head Gardener for Fairlight Hall. Beginning in Mid-November we welcome California-born Whitney Hedges. Whitney was bought up in a creative household, with both parents trained in fine art. She emigrated to the UK in her early 20’s and after working as a music promoter… Read more »

Gardener’s Blog- 22nd May 2015

May is well under way and along with the ever warming weather is an ever increasing work load. Each day sets you a different challenge just to keep you on your toes. The grass is trying to outgrow the speed of your mower, and everything needs your attention now and nothing seems to want to… Read more »

Gardener’s Blog- 1st May 2015

Here in the gardens we are enjoying some lovely sunny days, even though the odd day still throws up some chill easterly winds. But with the increased temperatures comes an increasing work load, as we come into one of the busiest months in the garden. The last of the spring tidy up, and the planting… Read more »

BOX BLIGHT- 11th April 2015

We are all looking forward to what is hopefully a lovely spring. After the heavy rain over the winter, at last the weather is warming up nicely. Plants of all sorts are bursting forth with new growth, colour and a hope for a lovely summer. But spare a thought for one group of plants that… Read more »

February 4th 2015

Welcome to my first entry on our new website. This will become a regular spot to keep you informed with not only what’s going on in the gardens at the Hall, but also ideas for you to take forward to your own gardens. As I write this it is another rainy day, but at least… Read more »